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Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Up Down Wellness is finally up and running! Up Down Wellness has been a seed of a dream for a long time. I have worked for large organizations most of my career and truly dived into the world of trauma recovery. I value so many healing paths and have seen the magic of self-growth and recovery in a myriad forms. My observations have demonstrated that there is no one-size fits all and that the synergistic sum of multiple approaches is often greater than the parts.

For example, Cognitive Processing Therapy is very focused on one's thoughts. It focuses on exploring one's narrative about trauma and developing skills to start to think about things a little differently. CPT is one of my favorite interventions, however not all trauma experiences can be put in to words and not all symptoms manifest in the mind. Somatic symptoms, or symptoms within the body are extremely common too, especially for those who experienced trauma during childhood. Trauma Sensitive Yoga can be a wonderful tool to reconnect with ones body and heal without dialogue. This is also one of my favorite interventions!

While Up Down Wellness is young and small, the goal is offer a menu of approaches to support healing, self-growth, and building an elevated life. Therapy can be scary, but we are committed to creating safety and support, so you can find your way forward. Please see our services page for more information on modalities and approaches. Additionally, while we'd love to offer it all, we also humbly acknowledge our limits. To make up for this we partner with trauma-informed providers in the community such as chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, personal trainers, nutritionists and more. Please reach out and connect so we can get you going on your personal recovery journey.


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